About Me




I appreciate timeless over a la mode, less over many and simplicity over flamboyance – that’s probably the most concise way of putting into words what my designs are about. It’s all about connecting the dots between the timelessness of the classic with an inherent passion for the modern. I launched my first collection in 2010 making sure that what I create is made with care and skill, that it will last for years without losing its beauty or utility, and that neither the environment nor the craftsmen suffer harm in the manufacturing process. In response to that, I created a collection of objects from mouth blown glass, handmade limited ceramics and carefully lathed wood objects, all produced locally. All of them are made with respect and a lot of love.

I am inspired by the trustworthiness I can find in people, in nature and in unknown places, and I think it is the same quality I look for in the materials I choose for my designs. I like to work with craftsmen who comprehend and share this passion for quality in creating. Each design piece is handmade. Each design piece is unique. Each design has a story, an emotion… a memory.


Born in Colombia. Currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

If there’s a project that you’re itching to start, have any questions regarding my designs or you just want to introduce yourself, drop me a line. I am always happy to talk. I love collaborations.

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